Types of Roman Shades

There are two main styles of Roman shades: flat and hobbled and either variety can have a plain bottom or an embellished bottom. Let’s explore the differences. 

Flat Roman shades

A flat Roman shade is just that, flat. When fully extended, its fabric panel is flat and folds like an accordion when raised. Flat Roman shades offer a timeless, uncluttered design. Depending on how the fabric panel is assembled flat Roman shades can be a single solid piece or with visible seams or pleats.

Hobbled Roman shades are a bit more ornate and feature soft, overlapping folds when fully extended. This creates a flowing, cascade appearance that is more visually interesting than a flat Roman shade. The hobbled shade will retract along its fold lines as it is raised. 

Embellished Roman shades.

Both flat and hobbled Roman shades are available with embellished bottoms. Embellishments include a curved bottom; a vertical pleat in the middle, a bottom that spreads out like a fan, or can include tassels, fringe, or beads.

Room darkening Roman shades.

For bedrooms, or where light control is required, a darkening liner can be added to the Roman shade. This can reduce sunlight penetration by up to 100% for complete darkness. 

Whether you fancy flat or hobbled Roman shades, these window treatments can add style and functionality to your windows.