4 Accessories For Your Kitchen Windows

While many homeowners install modern blinds and shades that beautifully complement their kitchen decor, custom window treatments aren’t the only option for decorating kitchen windows. Whether you’re in need of a new DIY project or just want to refresh your kitchen’s look, these four accessories will add some personality to your kitchen windows.

Antique Windows

As flea market aficionados and yard sale addicts know, antique windows are stunning objects — but they aren’t always practical to install. Despite their relative lack of functionality, these windows are wonderful decorative pieces for any room. Hang them on top of your windows to add a vintage touch to your modern kitchen.

Glass Shelves

Smaller windows, including many kitchen sink windows, don’t require the full coverage provided by custom window treatments. For such windows, glass shelves present a practical alternative. They provide storage for cooking materials or small plants (for more on this topic, read on!), and by partially blocking your window, they give you some privacy, too. 

Indoor Plants

If you’re looking to add a bit of life to your kitchen, why not add a living thing? Kitchen windows are prime real estate for sun-hungry indoor plants. From hanging terrariums to herb boxes, there are a variety of ways to include greenery — and decorative planters — in your kitchen.

Standing Farmhouse Shutters

If you’re looking for a new DIY project, consider building standing farmhouse shutters from new or reclaimed wood. This accessory provides optional light protection and privacy for any size of window. For a rustic look, add barn door handles and apply distressed paint. 

Central Indiana Window Treatments

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