Lifting Systems

Most window coverings give you a variety of control options. Each lifting control option provides its own benefits.

Top Down Bottom Up

Top Down Bottom Up Shades allow you the flexibility to see out and let light enter the room while still giving you privacy by covering the lower part of the window. This option is available with many different window coverings styles.

Top Down Bottom Up Cordless

Cordless blinds can serve many purposes. Aesthetically, they give the blind a clean look. Functionally, they provide an easy way to raise and lower a blind. They also provide a child safe environment by eliminating cords.

Continuous Loop

Blinds with continuous cord loops prevent long cords hanging from your blind when it is raised. Instead, the cord cycles through a large loop. Continuous cord loops are great options for doors and tall windows.


Many window coverings can be motorized. Depending on the style of blind, motorization does the work of raising, lowering or tilting it opened and closed. Motorization is a great option in high to reach areas. It can be set to either operate one blind or several blinds at a time. Motorization can be operated using a wall switch or a remote control.

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