Blinds Safety for Pets and Children

Blind Safety

When it comes to household safety, children and pets are top priority. Everywhere we look in our homes, there’s some sort of hazard: wet floors, electrical outlets, and even furniture. Basically, anything that gets in the way during playtime can spell trouble. 

If you’ve recently moved into a new home, or you’re just thinking about purchasing new blinds, you will want to make sure they are child and pet proof. Blinds with cords put children and pets at risk of accidental strangulation. While the overall number of children killed or injured by these cords is relatively small, it is still a risk you don’t want to take.

The vast majority of blinds-related injuries to children occur when children get struck in the blinds, which typically involves non-life-threatening cuts and bruising. However, incidents in which children become entangled in blinds become fatal in about two-thirds of cases. Data on pet injuries is less concrete, but given that pets and children are frequently similar and size and are not able to recognize the dangers of cords, both are equally vulnerable. 

Fortunately, you can take a couple simple steps to drastically reduce the risks posed by your blinds. Here’s what you should do to keep your family safe and your home cool and comfortable:

Use Only Cordless Blinds in Homes with Small Children

Households with children who have not yet reached school age should install cordless blinds, even if it means replacing existing fixtures. The added expense of replacing your blinds is a small sacrifice in exchange for maintaining peace of mind at home.

Keep Furniture and Cribs Far Away from Windows with Blinds

If you haven’t yet had the chance to replace your blinds, or if you’re staying in someone else’s home as a guest, make sure your infant’s crib is set up where they will not be able to reach or climb toward blind cords. If your young children are independent enough to move on their own, it’s important that they cannot easily crawl or climb onto furniture where they can grab onto cords.

Shorten Your Blind Cords

Make sure to keep the cords short and high off the ground where children and pets cannot reach them. Long, looping cords that cannot be kept out of the reach of children through shortening alone should be taped to the floor or wall so that they don’t swing freely.

Consider Using Cord Stops

Cord stops are attachable safety devices used to limit the movement of blind cords. These can limit the movement of cords so they don’t present as much of a hazard. They’re a suitable solution in a pinch but don’t compare with switching to cordless blinds altogether.

Switch to Shades

Shades are a great alternative to blinds. Our manufacturers have many years of experience and are well known for providing the best shades in the industry. At Clevernest, we offer a variety of features like cordless lift, motorization, and top down-bottom up systems so that you may choose the perfect window covering for your home or office.


You can operate motorized shades with a handheld remote control. As a result, not only are they convenient, but they’re cord-free as well! Due to the added convenience and advanced technology, motorized shades are a more pricey option than your standards cordless blinds. But they are so worth it; they add fun, style, and safety to your home all at once!

The safety threat posed by blinds cords should not be underestimated, but parents and guardians of pets and children have a variety of options at their disposal to lessen or eliminate this threat. Safety is key in any happy, healthy home, and the experts at A+ Blinds want to help you choose the perfect safety solution for your family and budget.