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Composite shutters combine style with durability, giving a personal touch without any fuss over maintenance. They are designed to be resistant to warping, cracking, peeling, and fading, making them a lasting choice that will continue to impress.

Composite shutters are made from vinyl and fiberboard. This not only means that they are durable, but that they are highly customizable in terms of shape. The composite material can be molded to any custom shape. This means that composite shutters are a great choice for those who want to match bold windows with a bold window treatment.

The vinyl and fiberboard makeup of composite shutters aren’t just great for endurance; they allow composite shutters to be the most energy-efficient kind of shutter on the market. With almost a third of a home’s heating and cooling loss attributed to windows, it is sensible to pick a window treatment that will maximize your home’s heating and cooling capabilities. This is especially important in places like Indianapolis that experience all four seasons. Shutters are custom-made for a window, which means that optimum heating and cooling efficiency is guaranteed with any choice of composite shutter.

There are many customization options for composite shutters outside of shape. They can be painted any color, for a pop of color or a stylish accent. Composite shutters also come in a variety of stains that give them a natural wooden look. Additionally, louvers (the slats on the shutters) come in a variety of widths. This makes composite shutters look just as elegant in a small window as a large one.

Like all shutters, composite shutters are a distinctive choice that can dramatically elevate a space. Simpler rooms enjoy the added texture and visual complexity, yet shutters in more decorated spaces still fit right in.

Shutters are also the only type of window treatment that increases the value of the entire property. This is for a variety of reasons. Primarily, shutters add value to a home because they are liked by a vast majority of home buyers, which allows them to retain value. Almost as important, shutters last a long time and are custom-fitted to each window, making them a lasting piece of the home. It’s a no-brainer that these elegant window treatments would add value beyond aesthetics! Composite shutters are more adaptable than ordinary shutters, and are just as well-suited to be seen as a worthy home investment.Combining style and sensibility, composite shutters are a great choice for any project. Contact us today to get started to schedule a free consultation to see whether or not composite shutters are the right pick for your next project.

During their free consultation, our client explained that they wanted to modernize their family room. We ended up removing their old blinds and replacing them with a 4 sided 3 1/2 inch composite shutter with invisible tilt.  This option gave the home a nice clean look.




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