Curtains Or Blinds?

home interior window curtains

“Should I buy curtains or blinds?”

This question does not have one easy answer. Blinds or curtains, perhaps even both, could be the best way to cover a window depending on the situation. Both coverings have their pros and cons and are suitable in a variety of situations. 

Curtains have an abundance of different style options. They can be used to make a room feel larger by vertically extending past a window and can be visually striking when used well. Curtains are also more energy efficient than blinds because they are better insulators. However, curtains are usually more expensive than blinds.

Tending to be cheaper, installing blinds is a great affordable option. Plus, they allow for more precise control of the amount of light in the room and are easier to clean than curtains. However, they also collect dust and may require more cleaning than curtains. But, unlike curtains, blinds won’t make a window horizontally “shrink.”

Both blinds and curtains are versatile in use, but they are not the only options you should consider. For example, using shades provides the shape of blinds while requiring less cleaning. Blinds and curtains can also be used in conjunction as a stylish way to have the light control of blinds, while being able to draw the curtains for energy efficiency and increased light blockage. As you can see, there is not one answer to the question “Blinds or curtains?” but a multitude of aesthetically interesting ways to use either, both, or neither option.

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