How to Choose Between an Inside Mount or an Outside Mount


Window blinds provide privacy, protect your room from the sun, and add to the overall interior decor of your home. Many choices come with the decision-making process: the right blinds for your overall design; and the right blinds for darkening or brightening up your room. Choosing the right mounting position of blinds for your windows is also an important decision to consider when looking for blinds.

Inside Mounts

Inside mounted blinds make your windows look clean and refined. They fit well inside the window frame, and they can be installed as deep or as shallow as you prefer. 

Inside mounted blinds may be the right choice for your windows if:

  • Your windows are shallow or deep, so you can play with the choice of style and colors.
  • Your windows don’t have any obstruction like a lock or alarm sensor.
  • Your windows are free of any ugly window details.
  • You want window covers for your bedroom windows, kitchen windows, guest bedroom windows, etc.

Outside Mounts

Any window can have outside mounted blinds. If your window is too shallow for an inside mount, it is ideal to install an outside mount. It is easy to install as they can be hung outside the window frame and flow past your frame.

Outside mounted blinds may be the right choice for your windows if:

  • You want to block more light. You can buy shades with blackout or room-darkening materials.
  • You want to hide unattractive window molding or glass. 
  • Your windows have obstructions like a lock or an alarm.
  • Your windows look uneven. Outside mounted blinds make your windows look more uniform by covering the windows.
  • You want window coverings for a sliding door or French door.

Measure Your Windows First

Before you go out to buy blinds, it is important to first measure your windows before deciding on an inside or outside mount. It is much more important if you are considering an inside mount. Getting an accurate measurement for an inside mount will help you find the right blinds that can fit into your windows. All blinds have various measurement requirements, so take your time to find the right blinds and style for your preferences. You can also ask a professional to measure for you and learn how to install blinds at your local Indianapolis blinds store.