Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas

Kitchen Window Treatment

Kitchen window treatment ideas are as varied as kitchens themselves. Like many window treatments throughout the house, those in the kitchen can serve as purely decorative or with function in mind (or both). If you’re looking for decorative options, you are limited by your own creativity. For functional window coverings, it’s worth considering a few types of treatments to ensure you get the desired effect.

Here are some considerations as you investigate options for your kitchen windows. 

Light control:

One of the primary functional roles for window treatments is to control sunlight. The sun produces a lot of light and it can be unwelcome at times. Direct, harsh sunlight can fade many materials; in addition, the sun can affect indoor temperatures and fade fabrics. To protect your entire kitchen from too much sun, look for window coverings that have a protective quality. Cellular shades can have an R-value of up to 4.6 and reduce heat transfer by up to 22%. For complete blockage, consider opaque window coverings or treatments lined with a light-blocking material, also known as blackout shades.


In addition to controlling sunlight, window treatments provide great privacy. If your kitchen faces a neighbor or a common area, privacy is of particular interest. For privacy, consider treatments that allow light to pass, but obstruct the view.  Most all window treatments will provide some level of privacy, but may filter out too much sunlight in the process. If sunlight is still desired consider blinds that “close” from the bottom of the window, in an upward fashion. These are called top down/bottom up blinds and they allow light in above the sightline.


Sometimes window treatments are purely decorative and may do very little to control sunlight or provide privacy. But they very well may compliment the style of the kitchen. In these instances, a swag of fabric draped over a single window may be visually appealing and quite inexpensive. Valances and cornices provide additional decorative options for windows with functional treatments.

Other considerations:

Treatments made from moisture resistant materials. The kitchen is a wet place and water spray and steam are not uncommon near windows. Therefore window treatments such as blinds, shades and shutters made from synthetic materials are better suited to stand up to the moisture. Many options are available and can suit your functional and decorative needs.

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