Shutters are a true investment into your home.  They are easy to customize, and can be designed to fit non-traditional shapes.  Shutters are made of either wood or composite.  Like wood blinds, the wood choice is made of the same hardwoods with the same choices in paints and stains.  Wood shutters come with many options and upgrades.  The composite shutter is very durable and moisture resistant making it an appropriate selection for certain areas of your home.

Shutters can be hung as either an inside or outside mount and there are a variety of louver sizes to choose from.  They have a variety of tilt and light control options.  These include a split-tilt, Hide-a-Tilt, and divider rails.  Shutters are available in a variety of styles including plantation, stained, and painted.  Bi-Folding shutters make an excellent choice for a large window.  Offered in both composite and wood, the panels are hinged in the middle and fold accordion-style off to the side of the window.

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