The Benefits of Custom Blinds

Like lighting, windows and window treatments can completely alter the atmosphere and sensation of a space. A proper view of the outside world is as valuable as the privacy our spaces afford us. 

Windows (and the light they let in) are powerful things. An intense glare and lack of privacy can ruin a lot of experiences in the home and in workplaces. The right window treatments are essential to setting up your space. 

Are the Benefits of Custom Blinds Worth the Price?

In short, yes. Windows, like buildings, come in all shapes and sizes. Pre-fab blinds and other window coverings come in one size, and generally speaking, cannot be resized. Ill-fitted blinds will look cheap and haphazard, which is probably not the impression you want to make upon visitors.

Custom blinds will protect your space from glare, outside distractions, unwanted attention, ultraviolet light and other environmental factors. But there are many more things to consider while weighing the costs and benefits of custom window treatments.

While Looking for Blinds 

The direction your windows face, what exactly those windows face outside, and how much of all that you want to see should weigh into your window treatment decisions. 

If you work from a computer, the direction your windows face (and the time of day) will largely determine your ability to work. Most screens are helpless against intense glare, as are your eyes against ultraviolet light. Visual and noise distractions will knock most productivity back, even among the most diligent workers. 

Good window treatments will cut out glare, reduce noise pollution, and even prevent drafts from older windows, reducing your energy usage. Our window treatments and blinds can also be fine-tuned to individual needs, like child safety or motorized features. All of our blinds share one very important safety feature: protecting your privacy and belongings from outsiders.

An Uncovered Window Is an Invitation

Do you feel completely safe advertising your space to outsiders? If not, there’s no better reason or time to seek window treatments.

Most burglaries and break-ins happen when no one is home. With this knowledge, a clear view of the inside of your home or business is essentially an invitation. Blinds and window treatments are a straight-forward solution towards preventing break-ins. 

When seeking to protect a home or business, most people start with the basics: locks, motion lights, cameras, and window treatments. The right blinds and window treatments are essential for this reason.

A-Plus Blinds are Customizable and Affordable

Our blinds at A-Plus are fully customizable. We offer everything from motorized features, ultra-violet light protection, insulating treatments, high humidity appropriate treatments and much more. 

Make the smart choice for your space. Call us or contact us to schedule a consultation for the perfect window treatment solution for you.