No matter how much time teachers dedicate to their lesson plans, and no matter how engaging the course material is, students seem to have a knack for finding distractions. Although teachers can’t prevent their students’ minds from wandering, schools can invest in simple technology that increases participation: window coverings. 

By providing a range of benefits, from privacy to glare protection, blinds and shades can help students focus on learning instead of what’s going on outside. But which window treatments are best for your school? With all of the options available today, educational professionals can find reliable window coverings that fit their diverse needs and budgets.

Window Coverings for Every Learning Environment

Before committing to window coverings, educational professionals must consider a range of factors. Accessibility, cost, durability, energy efficiency, light protection and privacy should be weighed alongside the function of the room — or rooms — in which the window treatments will be installed. Different educational facilities may require different types of window treatments. Auditoriums and computer labs, for instance, typically need more light protection than classrooms and offices. 

To help you make an informed decision, here are four of the most popular window coverings for schools, along with their unique advantages. 

Aluminum Blinds

Favored for their durability and cost-effectiveness, aluminum blinds are perhaps the most popular blinds for schools. These user-friendly and easy to clean blinds can be installed on even the most uniquely shaped windows. Don’t let their relatively low price point fool you. Aluminum blinds are made to last. 

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds provide the beauty and reliability of wood blinds for a lower price. A classic option for classrooms, these durable blinds can handle wear and tear caused by curious — and occasionally rambunctious — students. Moisture-resistant and easy to clean, faux wood blinds can be painted or stained to match the design of any educational space. 

Roller Shades

Educational technology is a staple of the modern classroom. With that in mind, it’s increasingly important that window shades for schools provide glare protection. Perfect for auditoriums, classrooms and computer labs, roller shades deliver exceptional light protection — a necessity for multimedia presentations. 

Solar Shades

Classrooms should be designed to eliminate distractions and encourage concentration. However, many students find it difficult to focus if the room is too hot or too cold. Solar shades can help with this endeavor, as they prevent seasonal weather patterns from influencing classroom temperatures. Energy efficient and easy to operate, the weight and opacity of these shades can be customized to meet your desired amount of light control.

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