What You Need To Know About Roman Shades

Roman shades are the easiest and most customizable choice for stylish window dressing. They complement a variety of styles without being overly decorative and can be ordered in specific colors and sizes. They can block out light entirely or provide your room with more diffused, romantic lighting.

Roman shades have much better functionality than curtains and a homier, more traditional feel than blinds. They generally withstand fading much longer than traditional curtains and are much easier to manipulate at the end of the day. They’re a great choice for decorators who love the looks of drapes or curtains but prefer the ease of shades.

Roman Shades are Customizable

A variety of styles and folds can complete the look you’re hoping for. Valances, fringe and matching sliding panels are available in colors that will complement your aesthetic perfectly. Your blinds can be customized to filter UV light, be remote-controlled and reduce energy usage.


Choose from neutral styles that will harmonize with any decor, or choose something that drives your personal style home. Roman shades come in everything from traditional to Japanese-shoji inspired, to unconstructed and minimal. You’re sure to find one that feels right with any decor.

Roman Shades: Easier than Drapes and Cuter than Blinds

Drapes can look great but they often require a lot of fluffing. They collect dust quickly and fade just as fast. Blinds can look plain and too minimal. Blinds can also be worrisome: who might be peeping through the slats?


Roman shades are arguably the best choice for window dressing. They require no fluff work, are built to withstand fading, and are built to block the outside world. Roman shades are made to fit your windows seamlessly and just look better (and look better longer) than the alternatives.


Should Your Roman Shades be Cordless or Top-Down, Bottom-Up?

You might have a lot of questions when selecting your blinds and that’s okay. You’re paying for the product and you want to make the choice that will feel right—for as long as you want it to.


A consultation with professionals will ensure you’re making the right choice in choosing Roman Shades. During the consultation, you’ll be presented with samples of fabric and shade styles that will help you make your selection for your home or office. Seeing the samples and styles within your home will help you choose the perfect shades for your environment. During the consultation, measurements will be taken of your windows to ensure a flawless fit.


Choosing cordless, top-down or bottom-up Roman Shades won’t take long with an expert by your side. Their product knowledge will help you select the right style and fabric to withstand use in any environment. They’ll ask questions about room direction, frequency of use, preference of use and budget. Consider whether you’d like your blinds to be motorized, UV-filtering, etc.


A-Plus Blinds will answer all of your questions during a home consultation. Make the smart choice for your space. Call us or contact us to schedule a consultation for the perfect window treatment solution for you.