Window Treatment Trends to Try in 2021

Although we’re ready for 2020 to end, some of this year’s window treatment trends will be just as popular in 2021.   

Throughout 2020, the novel coronavirus forced people around the world to spend more time indoors. With employees working remotely and children learning from home, many homeowners redecorated out of necessity. Others treated redecorating as a minor escape from an otherwise troubling year. 

Is a redecorating or remodeling project in your future? Don’t neglect your window coverings. In this blog, we give some advice on how to find the best window treatments for your home and predict which 2020 window treatment trends will maintain their popularity in 2021. 

How to Find the Best Window Treatments for Your Home

With all of the window treatment options currently on the market, you can easily find reliable window coverings that fit your needs. But before you invest in window treatments, you have to consider a variety of questions. Blinds, shades or shutters? What’s your budget? And perhaps most importantly, which window treatments will look and perform best in your home? 

No matter how much time you put into researching your options, the final question is exceedingly difficult to answer. The truth is that there is no single best option. The right window coverings for one room may be the wrong ones for another room. For example, the light protection and privacy that wood blinds provide in bedrooms may be too much for rooms that require more tempered light filtering, such as kitchens and living rooms. At the end of the day, finding the best window treatments for your home requires you to think critically about where you’re installing them and how they’ll complement your decor.

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What Window Treatments Are in Style?

Although no one wants 2021 to be a repeat of 2020, we think that these four 2020 window treatment trends have staying power. 


  • Go Natural With Sustainably Sourced Shades


Looking to reduce your environmental impact? Invest in sustainably sourced, natural window coverings, such as wood blinds and woven wood shades. Although these window coverings don’t offer as much light protection as other options, they add character and texture to any room — and they can be paired with liners or curtains for additional privacy. 


  • Let Light in With Lightweight Window Treatments


As open floor plans increase in popularity, more homeowners are investing in window treatments that let natural light into their homes. The opacity of lightweight window treatments, such as cellular shades, roller shades and solar shades, can be customized to meet your desired amount of light control. Plus, these window treatments don’t entirely block your view of the outdoors. 


  • Take Cord Cutting to the Next Level: Try Cordless Blinds


For homeowners with small children or pets, cordless window coverings present a safe and easy-to-use window treatment option. Perfect for nurseries, playrooms and walls with multiple windows, cordless window coverings, such as cordless roman shades, cellular shades, aluminum blinds, faux wood blinds and wood blinds, allay safety concerns while offering a modern look. 


  • Switch It up With Shutters


It may be a stretch to say that shutters are making a comeback. This classic window covering never went out of style. If you’re looking for elegant window treatments that provide additional privacy, give shutters a try. Feeling extra adventurous? Dress up your shutters with expressive curtains or drapes. This decorative touch adds a sense of personality to what is often considered an austere window treatment.  

Window Covering Installation in Central Indiana

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