Your Guide to Custom Window Shades

Your guide to custom window shades. While window shades seem simple (after all, many of us see them every day), they come with a multitude of options that speak to the versatility of shades. Between cellular and pleated shades; woven wood shades; roller and solar shades; and Roman shades, there are few situations where shades wouldn’t do the trick! And that’s without even considering the customization options that custom window shades can utilize.

Cellular and Pleated Shades

Cellular and pleated shades are the most common type of window shades for a reason. Not only are they versatile and subtle in terms of style, but come with a variety of customization options.

Cellular shades come in a huge variety of fabrics (which also means a huge variety of colors), as well as four different opacity levels and three different cell sizes for the cellular shade’s distinct honeycomb structure. The cells in these shades are great for dampening sound. This makes them perfect for rooms with tall ceilings or hardwood floors. No more hearing the clack of a shoe on hardwood in every room of your home! Plus, insulated cellular shades are the most energy efficient window treatment available.

Pleated shades also offer a number of options including the size of the pleat and blackout liner. Blackout liner allows maximum light control, and is especially useful where screens are often used (like a living room or home movie theater). Additionally, blackout liner offers more privacy, making it perfect for projects like rooms in a general practitioner’s office.

 Woven Wood Shades

Woven wood shades are a stylish option that works well in a surprisingly large variety of environments, given that they do not come in as many colors or patterns as other types of custom window shades. However, there are still many textures and colors of wood to choose from. Additionally, wood gives a room a beautiful natural touch. Because of this, they often work as a stylish accent for larger windows, such as in patio doors.

Woven wood shades are also the most environmentally friendly shades option in terms of their material. These shades are made from organic and renewable materials such as bamboo and jute. Prepare for custom woven wood shades to continue to skyrocket in popularity as we grow more and more environmentally conscious!

Roller and Solar Shades

While woven wood shades are the most environmentally friendly in terms of their materials, roller and solar shades are environmentally conscious in terms of energy efficiency. These window shades are specifically designed with green technology to ensure greater control over the air quality and temperature of the space they are installed in. So, both are great for lowering a home’s carbon footprint and energy bill!

While both roller and solar shades are energy efficient and come in a variety of colors and fabrics, they do differ in a few key ways. Roller shades are more akin to a more stylish alternative to the basic shutter. Solar shades are unique in that they are designed to minimize glare and offer UV protection.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are undeniably elegant. Unlike other custom window shades, Roman shades offer the aesthetic leanings of graceful draperies. However, they are just as easy to operate and maintain as other types of custom window shades! Like the other types of shades, they come in a variety of colors and fabrics. Additionally, Roman shades come in different folds, so every detail can be customized to suit a room perfectly. Uniquely, fringes and valances can be added to custom Roman shades to bolster their elegance to the next level.

All the types of custom window shades can suit a variety of fashion and function sensibilities, so the key is to find out which shade does both the best for your project. Additionally, most kinds of shades can be customized to be cordless, top down, bottom up (meaning it can be shut or opened from the top, bottom, or both), and even motorization!

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