The Best Way to Clean Woven Wood Shades

The best way to clean woven wooden shades. When homeowners invest in custom window coverings, they typically think about how nicely their new shades will look in their homes or the advantages of additional sun protection. One thing that doesn’t normally cross their minds: maintenance.

Ah, maintenance. Difficult to spell and so easy to forget! For many homeowners, cleaning isn’t fun to think about. But considering ease of maintenance is vital when shopping for blinds, shades, or shutters. Think about it like this. Researching how to clean different types of window coverings now may save you hours of otherwise unnecessary maintenance later. 

Different types of window coverings require different methods of cleaning. The good news is that when it comes to woven wood shades, natural beauty and ease of maintenance aren’t mutually exclusive. Woven wood shades add character and texture to any room while gently filtering light. Plus, investing in shades made from sustainably sourced bamboo, jute, and grasses reduces your home’s environmental impact. 

Best of all: Cleaning woven wood shades is an incredibly quick and easy process. 

With summer just around the corner, now’s the time to finish up your spring cleaning. In this post, we tell you how to make your woven wood shades look as good as new. 

How to clean woven wood shades

Good news! Cleaning your woven wood shades is a quick and easy process—and you probably already own everything you need to make your shades look brand new. Just follow these six steps.

  • Assess your shades 

Before you can begin to clean your woven wood shades, determine which materials make up your shades. Why? Woven wood shades are more delicate than other types of window coverings, and different types of woven wood shades require different maintenance. Shades made from bamboo and wood, for instance, can be carefully cleaned with a dusting cloth. However, more textured wood shades, such as those made from finer grasses, are prone to snagging. Those shades can be cleaned using a vacuum’s gentle brush attachment. 

  • Organize your cleaning materials

It doesn’t take much to clean woven wood shades. All you need is a vacuum with a hose attachment, dusting spray, and a soft microfiber cloth. Don’t have a microfiber cloth on hand? Don’t worry. An old t-shirt or sock will do the trick. 

  • Lower your shades

This step may seem obvious, but some homeowners may be tempted to take shortcuts come cleaning day. There’s no shame in that! But here’s your friendly reminder to lower your shades all the way for a complete clean. 

  • Gently dust or vacuum your shades

You’ve assessed. You’ve organized. You’ve prepared. It’s cleaning time! 

While applying the proper supplies to your shades (a dusting cloth for bamboo and other wood or a vacuum’s brush attachment for delicate grasses), use your one hand to support the other side of your shades. This precautionary step is especially important when vacuuming woven wood shades. A little extra support can prevent them from getting stuck in the vacuum. 

  • Flip and repeat

The back sides of your shades catch dust and dirt too, so don’t forget about them! Flip your shades and clean the opposite sides using the same method. 

  • Attack pesky stains 

Do your shades need some extra attention? While dusting and vacuuming address dust and dirt, they often fail to remove sticky spots. To treat stains, dampen a microfiber cloth and dab lightly at the problem areas. Remember, woven wood shades can be incredibly sensitive. After applying any moisture, run a lint-free cloth across the shades to dry them. This step helps to prevent the wood from warping. 

How often should you clean woven wood shades?

Although they don’t show it, woven wood shades often collect more dust than other types of window coverings. Now that you’ve learned how to quickly and easily clean your shades, we recommend cleaning them weekly. Need a reminder? A good rule of thumb is to clean your blinds whenever you’re cleaning your windows. Making your shades part of your normal cleaning routine practically ensures that you won’t forget about them. 

Installing woven wood shades in central Indiana

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