Window Treatment Trends in 2020

How you style your blinds, shutters and shades depends entirely on your individual tastes in light-control, privacy, color, style, and budget—and it’s ultimately your decision on how you manipulate these to create your ideal window treatment. But as you explore your choices, check out a few of the options available to you in 2020, and you just might find something surprising. These are the window treatments that are trending right now. 

Natural Light & Privacy

Sheer shades allow natural lighting without sacrificing your privacy—a great option for any room of the house, but especially useful in metro areas—like downtown Indianapolis—where living spaces are closer together and more exposed to the outside world.

 Our only additional suggestion is to pair sheer shades with curtains: while sheer allows natural light during the day, you’ll want curtains at night when indoor lighting will create transparency from the outside looking in. 

New Textures

Use textures in new ways to change the mood of a room. For example, if you’ve used traditional woven wood shades in the past, consider different colors with those same woven patterns—opting for light blues instead of traditional wood grain or bamboo. 

The same can be applied to curtains and paint jobs on shutters, or using different styles like Roman shades to add an additional layer of texture. Explore texture options to see what works for you.

Think Big & Bold

Floor to ceiling curtains in contrasting color-block is a trend popular in 2019 and continues to be relevant in 2020. But use this as an example: as you begin to choose designs, look for bold window treatments that can stand alone as a prominent design element in your home. These types of textures and bold colors can add depth and personality to each individual room and your home as a whole.

Explore Technology

Our homes are becoming increasingly intelligent as we pair typical routines like cooking, temperature control, and music/tv volumes with our smartphones. Add window treatments to this list. With your smartphone or a remote, you can conveniently and safely control your window treatments. Explore these options that combine design and ease. 

Remember the Hardware

Metallic rods, tiebacks, and acrylic highlights—once you’ve decided on curtains or shades, you can add additional hardware to further the look you’re trying to create. Prominent metals and rods are trending right now, but you can think outside the box and explore with other hardware trends in other areas of your home like industrial metal pipe and flanges.

 Even with your current setup, you can add a new dimension to your window treatment by exploring hardware options—and much of your hardware can be replaced season by season to maintain a new look year over year. 

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